About The Author Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller has always had a desire to write

With her creative nature writing just seemed natural. Debbie is an avid graphics person. Graphics and artwork means many things to her. It’s a Debbie Miller Authorpassion, an obsession, a stress reliever, sparks her imagination, fills losses, builds joys, and gives her a sense of accomplishment.

She wrote her first short stories in 1995 for a newsletter. Debbie’s passion for writing started several years ago. She just recently had the opportunity to bring her ideas to life.

Debbie enjoys using her creative talents to inspire others. She can most always be found sitting at her computer researching and creating books ranging from cookbooks, journals, kid’s books and short stories.

Debbie Miller lives a simple life as she explores her passion for self independence, creative writing and being an online entrepreneur.

Throughout the years Debbie raised rabbits for show and pets for 15 years. She helped get Ferrets legal in the state of Michigan. Debbie also served as the Vice President of the Great Lake Ferret Association for 10 years and was their newsletter editor for several years.

Debbie Miller has added being a published author to her many other achievements. Her mind is always thinking outside the box for that perfect book to offer to her readers. Being a business owner and operating her own businesses through the years has helped her to understand the need for good customer service.

Debbie is a firm believer, if you give out good, it will come back, maybe not right away, but it will when you least expect it…just keep paying it forward!

Debbie Miller’s Personal Side:

She is easy to get a long with and makes friends readily.
Does not smoke or drink
She is a self-sufficient person and in her own way a rebel.
She enjoys her freedom, but can also be a very giving loving person. Debbie does not like to be dominated.
Ask her to do something and she most likely will,” just depends on what you ask” but if you demand it….well you will see her stubborn streak.